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7 Popular Spaniel Mixes: Which Should You Get?

Do you want to add a Spaniel mix to your family? There are three types of purebred Spaniel: The Springer, Cocker, and King Charles Spaniel. But breeders are starting to breed Spaniel crossbreeds—with some of these so-called “designer dogs” set to be more popular than their crossbreed relatives. Each mix has their own personality, temperament, and appearance. How do you know which is the perfect crossbreed for your family? In this guide, […]

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Puppy Separation Anxiety: How to Teach a Clingy Pooch Love Their Own Company

Puppy separation anxiety is a major problem. Your puppy been might be engaging in destructive behaviours when you leave him home alone? That’s one of the biggest signs of puppy separation anxiety: when your pooch gets extremely stressed when you’re going out of the door.  Some puppies even engage in destructive behaviours–like crying, excessive barking, going to the bathroom in the house, or chewing on anything and everything, as soon as you […]

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Dogs and the Coronavirus Lockdown: The Rules (& How to Keep them Entertained)

Before we dive into this post, let’s get serious for a moment. The coronavirus situation is terrifying, and with the UK government essentially taking us into lockdown, there’s not much we can do… Other than keep safe. That’s especially hard when you’re a dog parent to Spaniels, who have all the energy in the world. I’ve seen tons of questions asking how this impacts dog owners. Are we able to walk our […]

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10+ Dog Walking Tips for a Stress-Free Walk

Did you know that a little less than half dog owners in the UK walk their dog on a daily basis? The same report found that people avoid walking their dogs for a variety of reasons, including: Their dog doesn’t like wet weather (20%) They wanted to avoid their pup getting dirty (4%) Owners were too tired, wanted to stay warm, or didn’t have enough time This is bad news across the […]

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40+ KONG Recipes to Keep Your Pup Entertained for Hours

A food-motivated dog is tough to entertain. Their daily treat allowance will only go so far, and with them being gone in just a few seconds, you might be searching for another way to keep them entertained. The KONG is a perfect solution. In this guide, we’ll share exactly what a KONG is, along with over 40 KONG recipes you can use to keep your dog entertained for hours. What is a […]

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Are Spaniels Good with Cats? (+ 6 Tips to Help Them Get Along)

“They fight like cats and dogs.” …That saying has been around for years, but causes panic amongst pet owners when they hear it–especially if they already have a cat, and would love a Spaniel puppy to join their family. The real question is: Is it possible for Spaniels and cats to get along? Are Spaniels good with cats? Yes! Spaniels are lively, loving, bundles of fluff and love to play with cats–so […]

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What is Canine Enrichment? + 7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy (and Busy)

Canine enrichment isn’t rocket science. …Yet many dog owners aren’t completely sure of what it means, or the impact it can have on your dog’s overall wellbeing. Put simply: Canine enrichment means engaging your dog in activities designed to stimulate their mind, and to keep them physically fit at the same time. In this guide, we’ll share why enrichment is key to your dog’s development, along with some fun games you can […]

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Puppy Socialisation Checklist: 7 Places to Take Your Puppy Before Their Vaccinations

Are you concerned about socialising your puppy before their vaccinations? The majority of vets advise that puppies don’t go outside before they’re fully protected against disease. But keeping your unvaccinated puppy inside all day could hinder them later in life–which is why you’ll need to start socialising them as soon as possible. In this guide, we’ll share: Why you should socialise your puppy When the puppy socialisation period starts (and ends) How […]

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7 Delicious Lickimat Toppings for Dogs and Puppies

It’s no secret that dogs need enrichment. Daily play, including both mental and physical stimulation, is what keeps our puppies happy… Not to mention, keep them out of mischief. A great way to give your dog enrichment is through their daily food allowance–especially if they wolf down their food within seconds of your putting it down! One of my favourite ways to do that with Hugo is to use his Lickimat. In […]

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25+ Dog Statistics Any UK Pet Owner Needs to Know

A dog truly is a man’s (or woman’s!) best friend. Not only do they quickly become a member of the family, but we’d do anything for them–right from the day they set foot into our home. But do we really understand our dogs? In this guide, we’re sharing 25+ dog statistics you should know, including: Dog ownership statistics The costs of owning a dog Dog behaviour The most common dog breeds in […]

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