Bella & Duke Dog Food Review (+ 50% Discount Code)

Thinking of getting started with raw dog food?

Hugo did–and it’s the best thing we’ve ever done for him.

Before, we’d tried four different types of Spaniel dog food, and it was rare that he ate it. We had to bribe him to eat kibble by pouring beef stock over, or adding some of our dinner to. But even then, he still wouldn’t it eat it most times. He’d starve himself, instead.

Hugo was a puppy and I figured that if he wasn’t eating anything, he wasn’t getting the vitamins he needed to grow.

I’d always been interested in switching him to a raw diet. But, truth is: I put it off because I didn’t know where to start.

Facebook Groups like Raw with Paws are great, but also slightly overwhelming. I didn’t know which types of meat he needed, how much, nor where to get it from.

So, I looked into Bella and Duke. We’ve been on it for over a month now and Hugo loves it.

In this Bella and Duke review, I’ll talk about:

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What is Bella and Duke?

Bella and Duke offer raw food tubs for dogs.

They’re premade mixes without any artificial junk added in–just the good, raw stuff you want to feed your dog.

You can see this on the tubs themselves. There’s no additives or preservatives; just different types of raw meat–such as chicken meat with bone, haddock, and turkey. There’s also a bunch of healthy fruit veg (like carrots and raspberries), and salmon oil to help with their coat.

The thing I love most about Bella and Duke is that it’s all done for you.

One of my biggest concerns before switching to raw was the fact I’d have to weigh Hugo’s food meticulously, with a bunch of different meats I needed to make combinations from.

Bella and Duke do all of this for you. Just defrost a tub, and pop it in their bowl the following day.

bella and duke raw food for dogs

How to choose your parcel

Unsure how much raw food you need to feed your dog? I was, too.

Bella and Duke have an online estimator that asks you:

  • Your dog’s activity levels
  • Their breed
  • How much they weigh
  • Their current food

Your answers impact how much raw food your dog should eat.

An active dog would need more than a lazy one. Plus, your raw diet should be around 2-3% of their actual weight. (For example, Hugo get 8kgs of raw food delivered every 12 days.)

You can also customise your box at this stage. If your dog doesn’t like a specific protein, hit the “X” button next to that meat and you won’t get any deliveries containing that meat. And, if you’re feeding a puppy, make sure you press the “puppy” option.

bella and duke raw dog food

You’ll end up with a box of raw food specifically designed for your dog.

But Bella and Duke run on a subscription model so you don’t need to remember to order your dog’s food; it comes automatically. That means you’ll need to pick how often you get a new delivery.

I chose 8kg because it fills one freezer tray. But if you have more delivery space, it’s cheaper to choose a less-frequent box with more food in. It works out cheaper because you’re paying for fewer deliveries.

Bella and Duke Delivery

Where I really think Bella and Duke shine is with their delivery.

You’ll get a text message on the morning of your delivery date to double-check you’ll be in. It also states on the box that the package must be delivered today because it contains raw food.

So unless you’re going to be out, there’s zero chance of you missing a delivery (and the food going off).

bella and duke raw food review

How to defrost your raw food tubs

If you’ve ordered with Bella and Duke, don’t throw your old food away on the day it arrives.

All of the raw food tubs need to defrost overnight. So, unless you want your pup to go hungry on the evening of your delivery date, keep a small portion for them to have as their last supper.

Bella and Duke food lasts 4 days. That means after defrosting, you’ve got 4 days to use the tub.

I’ve had a few questions about how I manage to plan defrosting and make sure I’m not wasting any.

Here’s what I do on delivery day:

  • Put 4 boxes in the fridge to defrost
  • Place the rest in the freezer

On the fridge boxes, I also add 4 days onto the date I put them into the fridge. (For example, if I put them in to defrost on the 20th, I’d write the 24th on the tub.)

bella and duke review

That gives me a “use by” date for each box, and makes sure I’m using them before they go off.

After delivery day, I put another 2 tubs in the box when the previous 2 have been eaten. That means I always have 4 boxes ready to go, and never run out.

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Convinced to give Bella and Duke a shot?

It’s the best thing we’ve ever done for Hugo. Not only is raw food better for him because it’s clean and healthy, but it’s so much easier than I expected.

After the set-up, everything is done automatically. You’re billed 2 days before the delivery, and it all happens without needing to remember when you’re running low.

The only thing you need to do is defrost the tubs a day before your pooch eats them.

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