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Are you interested in submitting a guest blog about dogs?

Whether you’re writing about puppies, adult dogs, or Sprockers specifically, we’re all ears!

Sprocker Lovers is a website ran by dog lovers. We want to help as many pawrents to look after their dogs in the best possible way, but we’re human–and we don’t have infinite time–which is why we’re accepting guest posts.

Guidelines for guest blogging 🐶

Interested in writing for us? We have some specific criteria you’ll need to meet before we hit publish:

  • Topics must be dog-related (bonus if it’s Spaniel-specific)
  • Content must be 700+ words
  • Articles must be actionable — “how to…” or “7 tips…” work well
  • The content you submit must be unique (we check!)
  • You can include a link to your website

Feel free to shoot us an idea or topic you’d like to cover. Or, pick from the list of content we’re currently looking to publish:

  • Things to look out for when buying a new puppy
  • Body language for dogs
  • Preparing your house/garden for a dog
  • Raw food diets
  • Stop a dog from barking

How to submit a guest post 🐾

Got your topic ready to go?

To write for us, shoot an email to sprockerlovers@gmail.com with your topic idea.

We’ll take it from there!