7 Popular Spaniel Mixes: Which Should You Get?

Do you want to add a Spaniel mix to your family?

There are three types of purebred Spaniel: The Springer, Cocker, and King Charles Spaniel.

But breeders are starting to breed Spaniel crossbreeds—with some of these so-called “designer dogs” set to be more popular than their crossbreed relatives.

Each mix has their own personality, temperament, and appearance. How do you know which is the perfect crossbreed for your family?

In this guide, we’ll share 7 of the most popular Spaniel crossbreeds (and the differences between each), including:

  1. Sprocker Spaniel
  2. Cockapoo
  3. Spanador
  4. Cavachon
  5. Cavapoo
  6. Sprollie
  7. Spreagle

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1. Sprocker Spaniel

Mix between: Springer + Cocker Spaniel.

There’s lots of debate on whether the Sprocker Spaniel is a crossbreed.

One argument says a Sprocker is the purest form of Spaniel; the one closest to the original land Spaniel.

There was only one type of Spaniel originally. Breeders separated them into two—the Springer and Cocker Spaniels—based on their size. They continued to evolve into the two distinctly different Spaniel breeds we see today. A Sprocker is a mix of both Spaniel types, hence why it’s the closest breed to the original land Spaniel.

However, some say it’s still a cross between two different breeds, so they should be considered a Spaniel mix.

Sprockers are fun, energetic, and take great qualities from both the Springer and Cocker Spaniels. (Some can be even crazier than a working Springer.)

You’ll need lots of time to dedicate to training, exercise, and stimulation if you’re thinking of bringing home a Sprocker puppy.

Here’s my Sprocker Spaniel puppy, Hugo:

2. Cockapoo

Mix between: Cocker Spaniel + Poodle.

Cockapoos are growing in popularity all over the world. In fact, they’re the most popular crossbreed dog in the UK.

Why? Because a Cockapoo is a fantastic companion dog. Their Cocker Spaniel DNA makes them energetic; their Poodle side makes them incredibly easy to train. It’s two of the smartest dog breeds combined.

But, just like any crossbreed, their appearance can range dramatically. You might have a tiny Cockapoo that looks like their Poodle parent, or have large floppy ears and a traditional Spaniel nose.

Plus, Cockapoos come in all sorts of colors—including cream, sable, black, and brown.

The Cockapoo is a great, all-round family dog if you’re looking for a Spaniel that isn’t as crazy as a Sprocker or purebred. They’re happy to run around, but also know when to relax.

cockapoo - spaniel crossbreeds

3. Spanador

Mix between: Spaniel + Labrador.

Another Spaniel crossbreed growing in popularity is the Spanador. It’s a general term used to describe a Spaniel and Labrador mix. But you might also see these combinations of Spanador:

  • Springador or Labradinger (Springer Spaniel x Labrador)
  • Cockador (Cocker Spaniel x Labrador)

Spanadors are larger than your average Spaniel because of their Labrador parent. However, they still have the same Spaniel ears and playful nature.

So, what kind of home does a Spanador lend itself to? An active family home is their perfect place. The Spanador takes its energetic side from the Spaniel, but its Labrador ancestors are known to be incredible family dogs due to their affection and loyalty.

springador - spaniel mix

4. Cavachon

Mix between: King Charles Spaniel + Bichon Frise.

The King Charles Spaniel is the smallest purebred Spaniel. They’re cute and tend to have a flatter face, but when mixed with a Bichon Frise, out comes an adorable ball of Cavachon fluff.

The Cavachon is a friendly companion dog who takes positives from each of their ancestors.

Their Spaniel side, for example, shines through with their intelligence. They’re easy to train, and a great choice for first-time owners, for that reason. The Bichon Frise side also means they’re incredibly loyal and attached to their human friends.

The only thing to consider with this breed is that the Bichon Frise are known to suffer with separation anxiety. A Cavachon puppy might inherit that quality, meaning they’re best-suited to a home where at least one person is home for most of the day.

cavachon - spaniel mix

5. Cavapoo

Mix between: King Charles Spaniel + Poodle.

Also known as a Cavapoodle, this Spaniel mix is a well-rounded dog.

They take after their Poodle parents with their intelligence. They love learning new tricks, and their Spaniel DNA makes them always keen to work. That makes the Cavapoo incredibly easy to train.

Again, a Cavapoodle is a superb family dog. They’re incredibly social and love being around people—especially their families. You won’t have an issue with your Cavapoo showing any signs of aggression or uncomfortableness when you invite strangers round, either. They’ll love to say hello!

However like the Cavachon, this love of socialising means they can suffer with separation anxiety.


6. Sprollie

Mix between: Spaniel + Border Collie.

The appearance of a Sprollie is distinctive. The classic Springer ears are passed through most crossbreeds, with their Border Collie side showing through their coat and tail.

Both of their parents are working dogs, which means the Sprollie needs an intense amount of daily exercise. Their hunting instinct is strong–there’s a chance your Sprollie will be off chasing anything that moves (including birds, rabbits, or squirrels.)

This high-energy side to their personality means they get bored easily (which can lead to them being destructive). That’s why why Sprollies are best-suited to active homes that can provide them with mental and physical stimulation.

7. Spreagle

Mix between: Spaniel + Beagle.

Beagles are some of the most versatile dogs; they’re happy to live in any kind of environment. Mix that with the Springer Spaniel and you’ve got a lovely companion dog that loves to be put to work.

Purebred Spaniels and Beagle are similar sizes, hence why the average Spreagle is a medium-sized dog. They come in combinations of white, brown, and black.

However, we wouldn’t recommend a Spreagle for a first-time dog owners. Not only are they strong-willed and independent, but both their Spaniel and Beagle parents have a strong instinct to hunt and smell. Strong (and early) training is needed. Otherwise, they’ll be tempted to follow their nose—wherever that goes.

Which is your favourite Spaniel mix?

These are some of the most popular Spaniel crossbreeds around today, but there are always new Spaniel mixes being bred.

Hopefully this guide helps you decide which is the best Spaniel mix for your family.

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