Sprocker Spaniel Breed Information: Everything You Need to Know

Are you interested in Sprocker Spaniels? Whether you’re about to bring a new Sprocker pup into your family and interested to know what to expect, or you simply want to learn more about the Sprocker Spaniel, this guide covers it all. Sprocker Spaniels are among the popular hybrid dogs that have recently won the hearts of many dog owners. This Spaniel dog breed has unwavering loyalty, intelligence and charm. Click to jump […]

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dog zoomies

Why Do Dogs Get Zoomies?

Does your dog experience sudden bursts of energy and excitement? One minute your dog may seem normal, and the next minute they are racing through the house for no apparent reason. These outbursts are often referred to as the zoomies. This behavior is quite common in dogs but can sometimes be concerning for dog owners. Luckily, there is no need to worry. This article will discuss why dogs get the zoomies and […]

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sprocker spaniel breeders

Living With a Sprockerdile? Here’s How to Stop Your Puppy From Biting

Sprockers have coined the name “Sprockerdile” because biting is a key part of their puppy stage. They might not have many teeth when they start biting, but those they do have can really hurt. Biting is a common behavior that needs to be nipped in the bud. The downside? It’s hard to pull through and get out of the other side. But it is possible. In this guide, we’ll share why Spaniel […]

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are spaniels good running partners

Are Spaniels Good Running Partners? & 6 Tips for Safe Running

Thinking of taking your dog running? It’s a great activity to do with your four-legged friends. Not only can it help them stay lean and burn off some fat, but running with your dog helps to build a bond with them. It gives them chance to escape the day-to-day environment of their house, and go on a fun and exciting adventure with their best friend. But if you’ve got a Spaniel, you’re […]

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scent games for dogs

Scent Games for Spaniels: 5 Smell Games to Play at Home

Some scientists say that a dog’s sense of smell is 1,000,000 times better than humans. But how can you put their noses to work, and play scent games without attending expensive classes? In this guide, we’ll share why nose work for Spaniels is so important. We’ll also share five scent games you can play at home, plus answers to common questions you might have about this type of dog enrichment. This post […]

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sprocker spaniel breeders uk

How to Find Sprocker Spaniel Breeders in the UK

Looking to bring home a new Sprocker puppy? I don’t blame you for picking this breed. Sprockers are bouncy, loveable, and sometimes annoying balls of fluff. But since I got my puppy, Hugo, in August of 2019, I can’t imagine my life without him. The only problem? Sprocker puppies are hard to get hold of. In this guide, I’ll share how to find a Sprocker Spaniel breeder in the UK–and what to […]

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how to groom a spaniel

Grooming a Spaniel: How Do I Keep Them Clean?

Got a smelly Spaniel that could do with a tidy-up? You don’t have to take them to a professional (and expensive) grooming salon. In fact, you could give them a DIY groom at home; in a place where they’re most comfortable. Getting into the habit of doing a groom at home will come in handy, too. Spaniels don’t think about where they’re playing. They’ll follow their nose wherever it takes them–which is […]

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spaniel training commands

10 Essential Spaniel Training Commands to Teach Your Puppy

Spaniels are excitable, energetic, and love to learn. A combination of excitement and the constant need for mental stimulation can turn into negative behavior if not managed correctly. But, if you give your Spaniel training from an early age (especially during the socialisation period), it’s likely that they will also be well-behaved. You won’t need to apologise to friends and family for the puppy jumping all over them–and it could even save […]

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homemade dog treats

Homemade Dog Treats: 10 Delicious DIY Recipes Your Pooch Will Love

It’s no secret that every dog loves treats. They are the perfect tool for reinforcing good behaviour and play an essential role in training any dog. But, you also want to consider your dog’s health at the same time. What better way to monitor what your dog is consuming than by making your own homemade dog treats? It may seem a little extravagant and but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s […]

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slow down dog eating

How to Slow Down Your Dog Eating: 5 Quick Tips

Your dog wolfs down their food like there’s no tomorrow. Their bowl is licked clean before you even turn around. While that might be interpreted as a good thing (because they obviously love the food you’re feeding them), it can cause serious problems. In this guide, we’ll talk about the danger of eating too fast, and 6 easy ways to make your dog eat slower. This post contains affiliate links. Please read […]

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