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Dogs and the Coronavirus Lockdown: The Rules (& How to Keep them Entertained)

Before we dive into this post, let’s get serious for a moment. The coronavirus situation is terrifying, and with the UK government essentially taking us into lockdown, there’s not much we can do… Other than keep safe. That’s especially hard when you’re a dog parent to Spaniels, who have all the energy in the world. I’ve seen tons of questions asking how this impacts dog owners. Are we able to walk our […]

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25+ Dog Statistics Any UK Pet Owner Needs to Know

A dog truly is a man’s (or woman’s!) best friend. Not only do they quickly become a member of the family, but we’d do anything for them–right from the day they set foot into our home. But do we really understand our dogs? In this guide, we’re sharing 25+ dog statistics you should know, including: Dog ownership statistics The costs of owning a dog Dog behaviour The most common dog breeds in […]

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